About Carrasquillo Associates

Carrasquillo Associates (CA) started as a private consulting business in 1980 after Dr. Ramon L. Carrasquillo received his Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering from Cornell University and moved to Austin, Texas. In Austin, Dr. Carrasquillo became a professor and researcher in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. After over 20 years of teaching and research at the University of Texas at Austin and providing consulting services as well as 10 years as owner of a concrete materials supply company, Dr. Carrasquillo decided to dedicate his efforts to the engineering consulting services. Today, CA is recognized as a leader in engineering consulting in the areas of materials, construction, and structures. CA's reputation of excellence and its effectiveness in investigating, understanding, and solving engineering problems is the result of the broad in-house knowledge and concurrent expertise in multiple areas including materials, structural engineering, construction, specifications, codes, durability, repair, in-situ condition assessment, and testing.

About CESG and CERS

Carrasquillo Engineering Services Group (CESG), founded in 2012 in Puerto Rico, and Carrasquillo Engineering and Structural Repair Services (CERS), founded in 2014 in Panama, are affiliates of Carrasquillo Associates, LTD (CA) which provide professional, state-of-the-art engineering and consulting services related to forensic investigations and the construction industry. Clients include, among others, structural engineers, architects, contractors, material suppliers, owners, developers, government agencies, and the legal community. CESG's and CERS's reputation of excellence is built on understanding the complexity of construction-related projects and on its ability to identify the key issues relevant to achieving technically sound and clear solutions that can be successfully implemented. CESG and CERS represent commitment, experience, personal service, expertise, and proven results. CESG and CERS specialize in forensic engineering, specifically in the areas of structural engineering, concrete materials, construction and remediation of existing structures.

Quality and Excellence

CA’s uniqueness sets itself apart from the rest of the consulting engineering firms. CA represents the aggregate benefits from many years of sophisticated research, teaching, materials supply, and consulting services together with a common sense approach to problem solving with great communication skills.  CA’s reputation of excellence is the result of  its commitment to prompt response, dedicated service, and  exceeding the expectations of its clients and markets around the world. CA focuses its work on developing technically sound solutions that address its client’s needs and objectives. CA’s approach to problem solving extends from the use of plain common sense to implementing state-of-the-art technology-oriented tools. CA’s efficient use of resources during the life of the project and its ability to focus on key issues relevant to the issues being investigated bring tremendous benefits and long term relationships with its clients.

Experience and Expertise

CA has achieved recognition for their expertise and contributions to the industry in the areas of concrete production, durability, concrete materials, construction practices, product development, forensics, repair, and structural engineering, among others. CA has been responsible for developing field procedures for implementation in construction, including developing guidelines for the use of high performance concrete, chemical admixtures, supplementary cementitious materials, and innovative quality control procedures. CA has consulted for concrete materials suppliers and construction companies involved in areas such as underground and under water concrete installations, high rise buildings, airport runways, dams, highways and bridges, refineries, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, commercial and residential construction, and sustainable construction.

CA's resourcefulness, great communication skills, judgment, and consensus building approach during the life of the projects brings tremendous benefits and long term relationships with its clients. Further, CA has a proven record of leading a team of experts among multiple disciplines in investigating and solving problems. CA's contributions to the forensics industry also include training, continuing education, and work in dispute resolution and as an expert witness.

Industry Alliances

CA is very active professionally and maintains a leadership position through active participation in numerous national and international professional and technical societies such as American Concrete Institute, American Society for Testing and Materials, American Society of Civil Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, American Board of Forensic Engineering and Technology, Instituto Mexicano del Cemento y del Concreto, Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico, and Structural Engineers Association of Texas among others. The broad coverage of CA is also due to its participation as an invited speaker to conduct seminars on different aspects of concrete performance and construction worldwide. CA engineers are active members of several local, national, and international technical societies responsible for maintaining the state-of-the-art practices for the construction industry. CA’s fluency in Spanish, its knowledge of the construction practices, and its reputation in many Spanish speaking countries provide a unique advantage to clients requiring services abroad.


Dr. Carrasquillo has been considered an excellent educator and leading researcher in the area of construction materials for over 30 years. While at the University of Texas at Austin, he worked as a principal investigator in numerous research projects involving issues from basic materials technology to production, design, performance, and field implementation of research findings. Major research topics include cementitious materials, recycling, concrete durability, high strength concrete, concrete production, structural design, corrosion, quality control, concrete construction, and high performance concrete. Dr. Carrasquillo's research approach is recognized for its emphasis on application, implementation, and value added to the construction industry. His research contributions have resulted in numerous recognitions, awards, and a patent. Further, Dr. Carrasquillo's 10 year experience as founder and owner of a concrete materials supply company provides an added understanding of the needs of different sectors of the construction industry in order to achieve comprehensive and understandable solutions to problems. And above all, Dr. Carrasquillo's great communication skills and ability to focus on key issues and explain complex relationships in a simplified and understandable manner has made him effective as an expert witness and in dispute resolution.




Dr. Ramón Carrasquillo is the Founder and President of Carrasquillo Associates (CA). Ramón is recognized worldwide for his expertise in concrete materials, construction, and structural engineering. He has completed over 500 consulting assignments ranging from product.. READ MORE »




Project Manager

Carlos Garza has performed structural investigations at CA involving construction and design defects, materials failures, and structural collapses. The investigations have included detailed condition assessments, structural modeling and analysis, concrete material analysis, and design and... READ MORE »


Project Manager

David Langefeld’s forensic consulting experience at CA has included the condition assessment and evaluation of distressed structures, the structural modeling and analysis of existing and collapsed structures, and the investigation and evaluation of design and construction def... READ MORE »


Operations Manager

Ivan Lopez's forensic consulting experience at CESG has included the condition survey and evaluation of distressed structures, the investigation and testing of existing structures, and the assessment of design and construction defects. While at CESG, Ivan has acquired... READ MORE »


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Operations Manager

Fernando Buxó has provided business and technical consulting to customers in the concrete, structural and construction materials area, concrete and concrete materials testing and construction troubleshooting, among others... READ MORE »



Project Engineer

Jaime Robert forensic consulting experience at CESG has included failure investigations, evaluations of existing distressed structures, as well as extensive non-destructive testing utilizing a variety of methods. In addition, he has provided structural analysis.. READ MORE »


Field Engineer

Rolando Pagan' forensic consulting experience at CESG has included the condition assessment and evaluation of distressed structures, concrete material analysis, and the investigation and evaluation of design and construction defects. While at CESG, Rolando.. READ MORE »



Graduate Engineer

Yamilé Rodríguez Asilis has performed structural investigations at CA involving construction, design defects, and materials failures. While at CA, Yamilé has been involved in the nondestructive evaluation of existing structures.. READ MORE »