Carrasquillo Associates (CA) is a leader in the application of the latest state-of-the-art technologies, materials, and equipment for the structural repair and rehabilitation of existing facilities. Today's lean budgets combined with increased user demands pose formidable challenges to owners, investors, developers, and governmental agencies who want to better utilize existing resources. CA’s past structural repair and rehabilitation plans have met these challenges for structural restoration and/or structural enhancement within budget. CA’s past structural repair and rehabilitation work has included structural repairs, structural retrofits, corrosion repairs, structural rehabilitations, structural enhancements, and/or foundation repairs of both steel and concrete buildings, parking structures, concrete architectural precast panels, prestressed concrete beams, post-tensioned concrete slabs, residential and commercial foundations, heavy duty pavements, airfield pavements, marine piers, industrial floor slabs, concrete bridge decks, and concrete silos among others.

Throughout its history, CA has played a leading role in the implementation and design of cutting edge repair materials. These include composites, such as fiberglass and carbon fiber wrap used in the structural repair, structural strengthening, and structural enhancement of existing facilities. Using these materials, CA’s structural repair and rehabilitation programs have been implemented in a fraction of the time required to achieve similar results using traditional strengthening techniques. CA has also utilized innovative polymer materials for structural repairs, structural rehabilitations, and structural enhancements of existing facilities. These innovative materials have significant advantages over traditional polymers, such as epoxies, given that their application requires no injection since these low viscosity materials travel deep into the material being repaired. This ensures their effectiveness and restores a structure’s functionality and durability. CA is active in several professional engineering societies, to ensure exposure to the latest materials and techniques for structural repair and rehabilitation.

In addition to design, CA’s team has experience in the construction administration, inspection, quality control and assurance, and certification of structural repair and rehabilitation programs. Whether in the evaluation, design, or implementation of a structural repair and rehabilitation program, CA’s diverse team of engineers can help you with structural repairs, structural retrofits, or structural enhancements to restore the integrity and serviceability of your structure.