Slab-on-Grade and Pavement Distress Investigation and Remediation

This project consisted of a 67,500 square foot warehouse distribution facility supported by concrete slab on grade and exterior Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) and Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavement areas to accommodate truck traffic and storage yard areas. Several weeks after the facility was in service, the owner noticed water seeping out at several locations along the construction joint between the PCC and HMA pavement areas. Additional distress was observed in the HMA pavement in the next year. CA was retained to assess the existing condition of the HMA pavements and warehouse concrete slab-on-grade to determine the cause(s) and/or contributing factors of the observed distress, and to provide recommendations, if needed, for any remedial actions to restore its service life to that intended in the design. CA’s forensic engineering investigation into the cause of the problems included a detailed condition survey of the HMA pavement areas, analysis of results from soil borings, materials sampling, water level measurements from monitoring wells, comprehensive review and evaluation of construction related documents, and review of relevant industry standards and literature. Through its forensic engineering investigation CA was able to develop an economical plan to divert the water away from the slabs, and restore service life to the slabs through remedial action.