Vibration Monitoring and Consulting

Vibrations from construction activity, oil and gas exploration, drilling, and blasting can cause both cosmetic and structural damage to structures. Carrasquillo Associates (CA) is familiar with the levels of vibrations needed to cause damage to surrounding structures and has extensive experience in structural vibration monitoring. CA can conduct structural vibration monitoring both at the source and at the structure and determine the decay function for predicting vibrations at other non-monitored structures. Read more

March 2022 Newsletter

If you have a concern about a construction project or need help evaluating its condition, The Carrasquillo Group of companies, Carrasquillo Associates, LTD. (USA), Carrasquillo Engineering Services Group, PSC (Puerto Rico), Carrasquillo Engineering & Repair Services, S.A. (Panama) and its affiliate INFOREST (Colombia) would assist you. The Carrasquillo Group has been a leader in forensic investigations and troubleshooting of concrete and steel structures and infrastructure for over the last 40 years. Read more

February 2022 Newsletter

The Carrasquillo Group of companies specializes in combining forensics, structural design, and repair services to provide our customers a full service, integrated engineered solution to meet the Client’s needs. These include, among others, residential and commercial high-rise buildings, transportation and airport infrastructure, industrial floors, port facilities, water treatment plants, and dams. 

The Carrasquillo Group has extensive experience in mitigating and providing concrete repair solutions and services for all types of concrete deficiencies including, among others, cracking, leakage, corrosion, chemical attacks, joint repairs, structural design, and construction defects. The Carrasquillo Group incorporates the use of the latest technologies in materials and equipment in their work including, load testing, hydro-demolition, crack repair, corrosion protection, in addition to structural strengthening using FRP, section enlargement, and the installation of steel elements. 

Prior to a repair, a forensic evaluation is performed by our engineering team to assess the problem(s) that are affecting the structure to produce a diagnosis based on the test results and findings. Our team is equipped with the latest technology for nondestructive testing such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), tomography, corrosion potential, and petrographic examination. 

Managing Natural Disasters

Natural disaster events are unfortunately happening at an increased frequency causing extensive destruction and human and property losses. Natural disasters have a dramatic impact on the Nation’s infrastructure including transportation, utilities, health services and the supply chain. Our company has extensive experience helping clients prepare to mitigate damages as well as assessing, evaluating and repairing the damage resulting from natural disasters.

Preparation and planning are key. We help clients perform an inventory of the infrastructure, document pre-existing conditions, identify weaknesses and risks, and document the operations and resources in their facilities. If the disaster strikes, we assist our clients in documenting and assessing the damages following the Federal Acquisition Regulations for RFP and bid processes for the repair and restoration work. We also work in coordination with non-federal match funding requirements such as Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to match FEMA support.

natural disasters Read more

Ramon L. Carrasquillo Awarded the 2017 ACI Educational Award

Ramón L. Carrasquillo, Ph.D., P.E. has been educating the minds of students and professionals since the start of his tenure as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin in 1980.  In the past decade, Dr. Carrasquillo has presented at over 50 events at universities, conferences, and to construction professionals with the purpose of advancing the concrete industry and educating those who guide it Read more

CA at Austin Habitat for Humanity

CA recently participated in an Austin Habitat for Humanity (HFH) volunteer building event in a neighborhood on Austin’s east side. This event made history for Austin’s HFH for being the first ever to build two-story homes for deserving families. The Austin HFH’s decision to build two story Read more

Giant Christopher Columbus Statue

Carrasquillo Associates (CA) and Carrasquillo Engineering Services Group (CESG) played an important role in the colossal Christopher Columbus Statue project located atop a hillside on the northern shores of the Island of Puerto Rico. This project consists of the erection of a statue twice the height of the Statue of Liberty without its pedestal, and so tall that it could interfere with air traffic once erected. The statue is scheduled to be completed by late summer 2015 and was originally crafted by the great Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, the creative mind behind many unique sculptures such as Bayonne’s 9/11 Teardrop Memorial which honors those who died in the tragic 9/11 attack. Read more

CA at Barkitecture 2014

CA recently participated in the 2014 Barkitecture doghouse showcase fundraiser. This is a unique event where groups and businesses design and create an unconventional dog house which are then bid on by the attendees. The money received from the bidding is then used to fund local area animal welfare groups. Read more