Today's ever changing world and technological developments introduce many variables when considering how a project is going to be built. CA’s commitment to achieve and exceed its clients' expectations is validated by its long-term relationships with clients and wide recognition among the construction industry. CA has been responsible for developing specifications, analyzing construction schedules and delays, evaluating construction operations, optimizing concrete construction practices, and implementing quality control procedures to achieve project objectives.

CA has contributed to the optimization of concrete construction involving mix proportioning, materials selection, production, forming, placement, consolidation, and curing of high quality and durable concrete structures integrating locally available materials and equipment to achieve the job requirements. Attention is always given to the skills of the available work force, the cost and availability of specified materials, limitations of equipment typically used for the construction of similar projects, and unique environmental or societal concerns.

Service life prediction, maintenance-repair strategies, and monitoring performance of existing structures are all examples of value engineering services for achieving a desired service life of structures in service. CA has used state-of-the-art techniques and available tools to apply value engineering concepts especially when considering durability and long-term performance as it may be affected by steel corrosion deterioration, freezing and thawing damage, alkali-silica reaction, sulfate attack, delayed ettringite formation, and fatigue, among others.

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