Carrasquillo Associates (CA) has mastered the art of investigating the cause of cracking, deterioration, loading, vibration, and exposure damage. CA has performed Forensic Engineering investigations and analysis on projects involving seismic exploration, tunneling, and other ground motion-induced projects. CA's non-destructive testing specialists have played a leading role in the evaluation of existing structures including troubleshooting materials technology, production, design, performance, and field implementation of such technologies. Numerous evaluations of existing structures through careful sampling and testing protocols, such as non-destructive evaluations, have been conducted to date including failure of pipelines, collapse of structures, damage caused by water penetration into buildings, deterioration of existing structures due to durability and load-related conditions, concrete durability and exposure to aggressive environments, and distress observed in structures, among others. CA's approach and proven troubleshooting skills have resulted in excellent results and in significant contributions to its clients in the construction industry.

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