Carrasquillo Associates (CA) offers a wide variety of non-destructive testing (NDT) services for structures including buildings, bridges, pavements, and dams. NDT benefits clients by minimizing the impact on the structure and its users, while allowing CA's Engineers to understand the condition of as-built structures. In addition to being active on ACI Committee 228 for non-destructive testing, CA personnel have completed extensive NDT training and utilize a variety of techniques, methods, and equipment setups. CA's training and experience enables them to determine what data is needed for different investigations and what methods and equipment would be best suited for the collection of the data which ensures efficient use of resources. CA maintains and has access to a variety of NDT equipment setups that can be utilized to meet client needs.

Non-destructive testing services are a valuable resource in CA's forensic engineering investigations, structural assessments, and structural evaluations. CA's NDT services include the following:

  • Locating concrete reinforcing steel for penetrations or additions to existing structures
  • Estimating the quality and/or level of deterioration of an existing structure
  • Identifying and confirming the underlying causes of structural distress and deterioration
  • Determine various parameters needed to accurately estimate the strength of an existing structure
  • Determining various parameters needed to estimate a structure’s remaining service life
  • Determining if the structure was constructed in accordance with the original contract documents
  • Estimating the extent of structural repairs required to address deterioration and/or non-conformant construction
  • Avoiding damaging portions of an existing structure while completing any destructive testing, retrofits, and/or repairs
  • Monitoring vibrations from construction activities, blast-related activities, or oil and gas exploration and drilling

Some of the many non-destructive testing services that CA provides include:

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