Seismic events can pose a danger to occupants as well as a loss of usability of the structure due to incurred structural damage. CA’s experience includes completing structural analyses, structural seismic evaluations, and forensic investigations. This experience can benefit owners of structures both before and after a seismic event.

Prior to a seismic event, CA can complete a seismic analysis and seismic evaluation to assist owners in determining the susceptibility of their structure to damage and/or failure from an earthquake, determine what measures would be necessary to comply with current seismic codes, and provide preventative seismic strengthening and seismic retrofit recommendations. CA has extensive experience in computer modeling and design of structures including second-order analysis and dynamic response evaluation using the latest building codes.


Following a seismic event, CA can conduct earthquake damage assessments for owners to determine if the structure is safe to occupy as well as determine what repairs are immediately necessary to minimize any loss in usability of the facility. CA has expertise in the seismic repair and seismic retrofit of structural elements and has provided repairs for a variety of structure types located in various seismic regions in the Americas.

As part of a seismic analysis or structural assessment either before or after a seismic event, CA’s staff can provide the following valuable services:

  • Seismic evaluation and peer review
  • Computer-based structural modeling and analysis
  • Earthquake damage assessment
  • Instrumented load-deflection testing
  • Repair recommendations for code compliance or due to seismic structural damage
  • Seismic retrofit design