Power Plant Scrubber Mass Concrete Foundation

The project consisted of a cast-in-place reinforced mass concrete foundation at a power plant in Texas. The foundation was 94.5 ft. in diameter, nine (9) ft. thick, contained two (2) mats of reinforcing steel consisting of four (4) layers of large diameter (No. 11) bars, approximately 2,600 cubic yards of concrete, and was supported by 339 piles for the addition of a 525 ft. tall reinforced concrete chimney. The structural integrity and capacity of the foundation was questioned due to owner observed construction defects during concrete placement. CA’s investigation included, among others, review of structural concrete design calculations, a finite element structural analysis model to evaluate internal stresses, non-destructive testing of concrete, core sampling, assessment of the concrete production methods and logistics, and  numerous site visits to conduct field investigations and condition assessments totaling over 1,400 man-hours. CA’s extensive investigation uncovered the cause(s) of the distress and structural deficiencies.