Repair and Rehabilitation of a Post-Tensioned Parking Garage

A two story, cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete parking garage cut into the side of a slope provided a parking area and structural support for a major grocery store. The second floor of the parking garage was level with the surface parking area adjacent to and in front of the grocery store. Issues investigated were related to water intrusion, concrete cracking, foundation performance, retaining wing wall movement, loss of subgrade support, jointing, construction defects, moisture management, and performance of the post-tensioned beams.  These issues were investigated to determine any possible impacts on the long-term performance of the structure. CA performed, among other things, a detailed condition assessment of the structure, review of construction related documents, drawings, and plans, and a structural analysis and evaluation of the post-tensioned structure. CA successfully determined the causes of the concerns and developed recommendations for repair and rehabilitation of the structure to restore its performance.