Mud Slab Movement at a Cold Storage Distribution Facility

CA was retained to determine the cause(s) of the movement of a mud slab at a refrigerated warehouse facility in Dallas, TX. The mud slab was a constructed as a 3 in. concrete slab-on-ground to house the refrigeration lines of the warehouse. Prior to placement of the 9 in. thick reinforced concrete slab-on-grade above the mud slab, vertical movement of the mud slab was observed. CA was retained by the General Contractor to determine the cause(s) of the movement and provide recommendations in order to allow construction to continue. The forensic investigation, which included communications with the client, site visits to the facility, a condition survey, soil borings, slab elevation surveys at various points in time, and review of geotechnical reports and construction documents, allowed CA to determine the cause(s) of the distress and allow for construction to continue without having to remove and replace the mud slab.