Residential Soil-Driven Foundation Movement Investigation

CA evaluated claims of poor foundation performance and distress caused by foundation movement at thirty-eight (38) residences in a development in Heber, CA. CA’s investigation consisted of document review and background research, site visits and inspections, data analysis and summary of findings. While on site, CA performed a detailed visual condition assessment of the residences and relative elevation surveys of the post‑tensioned slab‑on‑grade foundations. Distress, in the form of stucco and drywall cracking, was observed in the residences. CA determined that the distress was not caused by foundation movement but rather by one or a combination of shrinkage of the stucco during curing, seasonal expansion and contraction of the stucco and wood framing due to seasonal variation in temperature and humidity. The foundation system was performing as intended exhibiting little to no differential settlement and swell.