Investigation into the Cause of Cracking in Precast Post-Tensioned Concrete Beams

The construction of Highway 10 in Puerto Rico has been one of the largest and longest highway projects in the island. This highway runs through Puerto Rico’s scenic mountains and was expected to be completed in 2015. Cracking in the precast, post-tensioned concrete beams manufactured on-site resulted in concerns to the public authorities requiring immediate action. CA provided construction consulting services during construction of various post-tensioned concrete beams and sections of Highway 10. CA inspected many of the beams where cracking was observed, visited the concrete production facilities on-site, observed casting operations, and evaluated field data including, but not limited to, internal concrete temperatures of the concrete beams. In addition, CA’s investigation included a review of concrete mixture proportions, material information, concrete quality control testing results, curing, and demolding practices to determine the causes of the concrete cracking observed and propose remediation procedures.