Warehouse Floor Forensic Investigation and Analysis

CA was retained to perform an evaluation of the structural integrity of a slab-on-grade warehouse floor exhibiting distress including cracking and spalling along the contraction joints and construction joints. Cracks appeared in the slab-on-grade, and spalling or flaking occurred near construction and control joints. Concern was also raised about the cracking in the mezzanine of the structure. CA engineers conducted a condition survey and performed non-destructive testing (NDT) for the entire complex, including the use of CA’s ground penetrating radar services.  Both the visual assessment and the NDT were performed to find the reason for cracking and to see if both the slab-on-grade and the mezzanine met specifications. CA’s forensic engineering investigation determined that the slab-on-grade and the mezzanine did in fact meet the specifications for the project. The test program showed that there was no structural or serviceability damage in either the slab-on-grade or the mezzanine and recommended options for fixing the cracks.