Managing Natural Disasters

Natural disaster events are unfortunately happening at an increased frequency causing extensive destruction and human and property losses. Natural disasters have a dramatic impact on the Nation’s infrastructure including transportation, utilities, health services and the supply chain. Our company has extensive experience helping clients prepare to mitigate damages as well as assessing, evaluating and repairing the damage resulting from natural disasters.

Preparation and planning are key. We help clients perform an inventory of the infrastructure, document pre-existing conditions, identify weaknesses and risks, and document the operations and resources in their facilities. If the disaster strikes, we assist our clients in documenting and assessing the damages following the Federal Acquisition Regulations for RFP and bid processes for the repair and restoration work. We also work in coordination with non-federal match funding requirements such as Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to match FEMA support.

natural disasters

Our Group is experienced in working with, among others, FEMA Public Assistance Alternative Procedures, Section 428 and Mitigation 406, and Guide for Permanent Work FEMA-4339-DR-PR, including Damage Dimensions and Description (DDD) report. This include working from the scope of work (SOW) stage, entering the information into the grants manager system, meeting quality assurance and quality control to final approval.

Our project managers’ team is ideally suited to conduct condition assessment of damages in the aftermath of a natural disaster event. Our staff is experienced in conducting inspection of damages, takeoff, cost estimates, repair, and working with insurance carriers to fast-track claims to restore operations. 

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