February 2022 Newsletter

The Carrasquillo Group of companies specializes in combining forensics, structural design, and repair services to provide our customers a full service, integrated engineered solution to meet the Client’s needs. These include, among others, residential and commercial high-rise buildings, transportation and airport infrastructure, industrial floors, port facilities, water treatment plants, and dams. 

The Carrasquillo Group has extensive experience in mitigating and providing concrete repair solutions and services for all types of concrete deficiencies including, among others, cracking, leakage, corrosion, chemical attacks, joint repairs, structural design, and construction defects. The Carrasquillo Group incorporates the use of the latest technologies in materials and equipment in their work including, load testing, hydro-demolition, crack repair, corrosion protection, in addition to structural strengthening using FRP, section enlargement, and the installation of steel elements. 

Prior to a repair, a forensic evaluation is performed by our engineering team to assess the problem(s) that are affecting the structure to produce a diagnosis based on the test results and findings. Our team is equipped with the latest technology for nondestructive testing such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), tomography, corrosion potential, and petrographic examination. 

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