Ramon L. Carrasquillo Awarded the 2017 ACI Educational Award

Ramón L. Carrasquillo, Ph.D., P.E. has been educating the minds of students and professionals since the start of his tenure as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin in 1980.  In the past decade, Dr. Carrasquillo has presented at over 50 events at universities, conferences, and to construction professionals with the purpose of advancing the concrete industry and educating those who guide it.  One of his accomplishments includes the honor of Ramon L. Carrasquillo Day in Austin, TX for his efforts in educating minority contractors in enhanced construction technology and specification developed by ACI.

RLC Education Award

The ACI Education Award was established in 2015 to recognize individuals who have made notable contributions to the advancement of ACI Education or educational support activities. Notable contributions may be, but are not limited to: educational seminars; webinars; online training, document, or product development; product review; serving on task groups; and/or serving as a subject matter expert.

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