GPR Scanning for Artwork Design and Construction

Carrasquillo Associates (CA) performed work related to ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning for artwork to be installed. Prior to construction, CA scanned and mapped areas around the perimeter and approximately 900 sq. ft. of the art zone’s interior to determine appropriate places for through drilling between double tee stems and embedded anchors in double tee stems. After reviewing available construction documents, drawings, and project related material, CA completed extensive scanning of the parking deck using high resolution GPR equipment. CA mapped the location of precast double tee stems and embedments in the parking deck. Embedments and items found on the underside of the slab were identified as “no drill zones” and the extents of the double tee stems were also mapped. The project was a great success with over 900 sq. ft. scanned, and only one drilled hole encountering an unforeseen embedment.