Mass Concrete Foundation Placement and Monitoring Plan

The project consisted of the construction of a 13,000 cubic yard mass concrete mat foundation for a 46-story office building pre-certified as LEED Silver. CA’s work included working with the assistant project manager and Engineer of Record to develop a construction plan for the placement, curing, and early age protection of the concrete to ensure the quality of the concrete in-place. CA developed a plan for the preparation and placement of the mass concrete including monitoring of internal concrete temperatures in order to prevent distress due to thermal effects and drying shrinkage. The work also included, among other things, the review of plans, drawings, specifications, and evaluation of the mixture proportions. CA’s work also included developing the quality control program for acceptance of the fresh concrete delivered to the job, temperature monitoring plan, concrete specifications, curing methods, and early age protection to prevent distress of the concrete. CA was able to provide the General Contractor with guidelines for proceeding efficiently with construction of the concrete foundation while following prudent mass concreting practices.