Concrete Materials Consulting & Structural Analysis for Christopher Columbus Statue in Puerto Rico

Located atop a hillside on the northern shores in the city of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, a Christopher Columbus Statue is being erected and is projected to be completed by late summer of 2015. The Statue consists of over 2,000 exterior pieces of copper and bronze connected to an interior structural steel frame for a total weight of over 600 tons. The structure was originaly designed by Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli in 1991 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ 1492 arrival to the Western Hemisphere. CESG’s contribution to the project included consulting services in regards to the mat concrete foundation consisting of the structural design, project specifications’ development, material condition assessments, and construction management. In addition, CESG’s project involvement also included the development of the concrete mixture proportions, concrete placement sequencing, quality control, temperature and maturity monitoring, and implementation of early age protection to the mass concrete elements. Over 1,500 cubic yards of concrete were placed in approximately 8 hours of which all concrete loads were accepted, there was no evidence of cracking with in the mat foundation mass concrete elements, and all the concrete compression strength tests exceeding the 28-day specified design strength in 7 days.