Dr. Carrasquillo Awarded the Henry C. Turner Medal at Spring 2014 ACI Convention

During the 2014 American Concrete Institute’s Awards Program in Reno, Nevada, Ramón Carrasquillo was awarded the Henry C. Turner Medal for his exemplary teaching, research and professional engineering performance. The Henry C. Turner Medal was founded in 1927 by Henry C. Turner, Past President, ACI. It is awarded for notable achievements in, or service to, the concrete industry.


Ramón L. Carrasquillo, PhD, PE, has been a Fellow of ACI since 1993, and is currently Chair of the ACI Construction Liaison Committee, the Fellows Nomination Committee, and the International Conferences Committee. He is a member of ACI Committees 201, Durability of Concrete; 211, Proportioning Concrete Mixtures; 232, Fly Ash and Natural Pozzolans in Concrete; 233, Ground Slag in Concrete; 234, Silica Fume in Concrete; and 301, Specifications for Concrete. He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and ASTM International.


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